Uv For Marilyn

Dear Marilyn,

I would love to work with you !

On my Photo Artistic journey, I found an other way to capture what they call reality using Uv light.

One year ago, I realised some things about light frequencies.
It's not far harmonics phenomenon on a string. New notes happens when you play one. 

but with light it mean you can create light from an another source using fluorescent matter to emit it. 
The light is coming from the objects, with very precises frequencies which is easy to grade if you can get a deep signal.


I bought some UV lights and other equipment and tried it.

It worked but I really needed to improve the quality, so I upgraded my equipment to get the photos up to print standard.

Because none of my photos involve VFX, I realised that it would also be possible to make films using the same technique - although there are  more constraints when working this way.

I did some video tests in my bathroom during a photo session and I want to show you the results. No VFX, no compositing. Just 14 bits RAW files and grading.

Please Just take 4:20 to watch this .

Many thanks

All the Best


Ps :Hope you will like the sound.

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Patrick Siboni
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